Aerial Lines

The weather was beautiful here in southwestern Germany today.  Nice and clear, with temps around 5ºC (41ºF) and nary a puff of wind.

Perfect for taking a break from the book and getting a nice 50km (30 mile) bike ride in before getting back to the book (bleh).

And perfect for taking the camera along for any nice B&W opportunities.

Aerial Lines

Lots going on there.  The power lines, the contrails (which I didn’t notice until I had taken the first shot) and steam from the Philipsburger Nuclear Power Plant off in the distance.

I just wish the Flickr/Wordpress image compression wouldn’t jack up the details so much.  Click on the pic to be taken to a much clearer, crisper version.

Taken at 2:30pm.  But it sure looks like it’s late afternoon, close to sunset.  But that’s part of the joy of living here, where the sun didn’t even reach 20º above the horizon at noon.  And it’s only getting lower.

For those that live here, Germany is a wealth of bike trails and paths, criss-crossing the entire country.  With proper planning, you can ride from one side of country to the other without having to hit major traffic areas.  Not a bad thing.  It’s a goal that organizations likes Rails to Trails are striving for.

But while the trails criss-cross the entire country, it’s not like they’re in a straight line or anything.  Here in the Rhine River valley, where there aren’t any geographic features (other than the river) to work around, the paths just don’t make much sense.  It’s pretty easy to get twisted around and ride in a circle if you don’t use a map.

Heck, I have a map and still ended up doing circles and having to backtrack.

But it’s part of the fun.


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