Too many people focus on the camera.  But it’s not the camera.

It’s the glass.

Autumn Tree Farm

No editing.  Just a minor sharpening (since it’s not done with the camera).

And too many people focus on Photoshop.  If done right, that program is not needed (except for minor sharpening).

BTW, even though it’s unseasonably warm, the grey days of winter have started here in Germany.  Which makes for great opportunities like the picture above.


2 thoughts on “Glass”

  1. I like this picture very much… but don’t agree with you at all about photoshop. Anything the artist (photographer) chooses to use in order to produce the image he wants, is legitimate. there is no ‘pure’ way of making an image.

    1. Shimon – thank you for taking me to task. I know I can count on you for that, my friend.l

      I do not disagree with Photoshop. Matter of fact, I use it extensively to achieve my vision. But I think it’s even better, as it was in this case, when it’s not needed. -bill

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