Our travels in Europe aren’t all about cities, food and beverage.

Sometimes they involve the countryside, food and beverage.

A couple of months ago, while still in Afghanistan, I was talking with Goddess about our R&R trip and how we could loop through Italy, Austria and Switzerland for a week or so, slowly enjoying the sights.  A bit of research on the Alps and I realized that we could make a trip to the Matterhorn (Monte Cervino to the Italians).  So we did.

What a great part of Italy!  Our visit in October meant that we were between tourist seasons, so the towns were all but deserted.  That meant that most of the hotels were shut down.  But so were the restaurants.  So for our two nights there, we had to eat at the same place.  No matter, since the food was great, as was the service (including letting us walk out the door with an uncorked bottle of wine to take back to the hotel).

Anyway, we were there to see the Matterhorn.  Being on the Italian (south) side, it isn’t the classic view that all of you Disneyland visitors would recognize.  That’s on the northeast (Swiss) side, where rooms cost four times as much, is only about 20 miles away from Breuil-Cervinia as the crow flies, but a 3-4 hour drive away in the wrong direction from our overall plan.

So we really had the place to ourselves.

Except for earlier in the day, where two busloads of Japanese tourists swarmed over this same vantage point.  But they were extremely polite in the typical Japanese way, greeting us with “bonjour”, since we looked much more like the locals that they did.

And were surprised when we’d respond with “konnichiwa”.

Fun times.

Matterhorn Reflection

Huge props to Goddess and her infinite patience with me.  We sat in this same spot for 90 minutes, with me taking a photo every 90 seconds or so, working different filters and lighting (especially with that post in the foreground).  The temperature was falling rapidly into the uncomfortable range, but she didn’t gripe one bit.  She knew I was in a happy place, enjoying the scenery that I love, doing something that I love to do.


4 thoughts on “Reflections”

  1. What a stunning view and your photo is wonderful. We have recently returned from Europe. We were in the same areas right before everything closed for a month.

    1. Karen – it sure looks like you enjoyed your time, too. Did you happen to sample the Donnas de Valle d’Aosta? Very impressive full bodied red that we thought held its own against the more southern wines. It impressed Goddess and I enough that we raided the small grocery store and loaded up the car with it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I have been on the other side a number of times, and learned to love that mountain. Thank you for showing it to me differently. As for Disneyland… I have seen that as a parable on the difference between living life, and seeing this world as if an amusement park. It is quite a lesson.

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