Goddess and I, half-jokingly, refer to our travels as “eating and drinking our way across Europe”.

But it’s all done European-style.  A small glass of the regional or local wine or beer (depending on the specialty) and a regional appetizer, both to get a feel for the local cuisine, but also to take a 30-45 minute break from our sightseeing.

We rarely rely on any transportation other than our feet, so a day of sightseeing may involve somewhere in the neighborhood of 6-8 miles of walking.

Although some cities (like Paris) require a reliance on the public transportation to whisk us from one neighborhood to another.

The best part of the walking is that we see parts of the cities and towns that most tourists would never see or experience.  You know, the small cafés with reasonable prices, the small memorials or the gorgeous, well-manicured homes that aren’t in the tourist book.  And we certainly get to enjoy the local hustle and bustle.

But I digress.

This wine bar wasn’t off the beaten track, but it sure was nice.  More trendy.  Slightly upscale.

But a nice spot to stop and get out of the rain for a moment.

To enjoy each other’s company, some impressive burgundy and a small tray of escargot.


While in Dijon, Goddess and I joked that we ate our weight in escargot, half a dozen at a time.

And no, we did not have any mustard.


6 thoughts on “Yum”

  1. Yum is right. Escargot, garlicky and buttery with a nice glass of wine…just the way I like to eat while traveling. I’ve enjoyed going into your older posts. Beautiful photograpy that brings memories of places we have be to as well.

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