New Toy

I go away for a week and when I get back, it’s just like Christmas.

Whoo hoo.

The new toy (oops, I mean tool) arrived in the mail while I was gone.

Good things come in small packages.

On the right is the workhorse, a Canon 20D with an EF 24-70/2.8L attached.  I’ve carried that combination around the world for the past six years now and will continue to do so.  Very little out there will beat that glass.

But pointing that beast in some situations certainly draws a bunch of unwanted attention.  Not to mention, some places won’t even let me in with it.

So after years of looking for a pocket-sized analog, I finally found something much smaller that meets, or beats, it in many ways.

A Canon G12.

Yep, I like Canon.  But that’s because I’ve been shooting Canon since 1989 and I’ve had one of my favorite lenses since then.

A side by side comparison of the features is interesting, especially considering how far the technology has progressed (too bad I can’t link to the page).  Definitely lots of features in that small package.

But it won’t replace the workhorse.

I suspect some test shots will make their way onto this blog soon.


8 thoughts on “New Toy”

  1. I looooooove my G10 and I hear the G12 is far better than the G10 with noise processing. Fits nicely in a jersey pocket, though I have a Bento Box on my road bike that holds it nicely. Have fun!

    1. Cool! I’m sure I’ll have fun.

      Just popped my first (and only) pic so far, using the “miniature” (e.g. tilt shift) function. Will be interesting to see how it looks on the monitor…

  2. Very nice… I’ve been considering a new point-and-shoot but haven’t looked into any yet. I still have my Canon G2 (my first digital camera) that I sometimes use as a digital Holga. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun with it. 🙂

    1. Rick, I settled on this one since it gives me quite a lot of the flexibility of the Canon SLRs, plus some neat new features. And it actually does fit in my back jeans pocket. I’m looking forward to learning to use it.

  3. I’ve had three like this… slight variations… all of the Nkon, because I got used to that company, but I have had even smaller ones including Canon and Panasonic, which I really like. Each camera has its own approach, and you can do fine things with all of them. I admire your carrying only the 20D with you for all of 6 years… but it will onl help you appreciate this little one more. Looking forward to seeing some new pics with the little one. I think it’ll bring you a lot of inspiration.

    1. Shimon – I think (and hope) so. There are some of the “toy” settings that look to be interesting. For example, an in-camera “miniature” setting which is a very flexible replication of a tilt-shift lens. It will even take movies in that mode. Both of which could be interesting.

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