It’s painful to watch the images pouring in from Japan.

A country that I’ve lived in a total of nine years so far.  Each in distinctly different phases of my life.

A country that continues to touch me in such a way that if an opportunity was presented that I could live the rest of my days there, I wouldn’t hesitate.

But really, I can’t describe the thoughts and feelings right now any better than our dear friend Beth Welliver.  Click on her name for pictures and words.

Her post inspired me to go back and look at some of the many thousands of images I have from Japan.

They all make me smile.

And this one encapsulates it all.

Help if you can.

3 thoughts on “Painful”

  1. Thanks for the shout Bill! And a beautiful image to go with it.
    More importantly, thanks for helping us and inspring us to “see” Japan.

  2. liked reading your thoughts… and the pics of Beth too. I was just settling into the comfortable meditation on man and the universe when a snake came out of a hole in my own backyard and bit me in on the ass… and now I’ve got one hand scratching m head and the other trying to keep the blood in my ass… and think I’ve got a new symbol for mankind when they run out of nostalgia for the cross… but fortunately the Japanese don’t need a cross, what with the tremors they’ve got to bear…

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