CX Query

This one’s for all of you CX fans out there.

The pic below is of Tim Johnson (USA) during the 2011 Cyclocross World Championship.

Midway down a muddy, slickery descent about halfway through one of the laps (EXIF shows 15 minutes into the race, so likely third lap).

So here’s the question –

In a race where the rider is going to swap his bike out several times, why in the world would one have a Garmin Edge 500 mounted?

Is he running a power meter on each of the bikes and then merging the data after the race?

If so, in the grand scheme of things, for the WC, why would you worry about power?  At that point, you should be properly tapered and peaked, unlikely to come close to that wattage level anytime soon.

So why bother?

Just curious.

2 thoughts on “CX Query”

  1. I’m not a CX fan, and were it not for the picture of the man on the bike, I wouldn’t even be able to guess what such a fan was, and whether it was for cooling or whatever… and because I come from a different world, It is hard to imagine why a rider would swap bikes in the middle of the race… I would advice him not to do that… I’d tell him to just try to get the most out of one bike, and to enjoy the effort. But as I said, I come from a different world.

    1. Shimon,

      With so much mud, shifting and braking can become impossible. So they swap out bikes so the mechanic can spray off the mud and get it ready for the next lap. The 2-3 seconds of swapping out of bikes is better than the potential minutes lost on the next lap is worth it.

      And at this level, where they are making the thousands of dollars/euros a month, every little bit helps.


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