Forget the weather in the US – 49 of 50 states with snow?  Where’s Al Gore when you need him?  ;^p

Here in Germany, we broke winter’s grasp, if only for a week or so.  It’s been in the 40’s (+5-9C), but rainy.  In other words, a German winter.  The snow’s gone and the green is back out.

Green in the middle of winter?  Yep.  It’s so moist here throughout the entire winter, which is usually mild, that plants still grow.  And why does it stay so moist?  Never mind the frequent precipitation.  At the solstice, the highest the sun gets above the horizon is 17 degrees.  So we never get a chance to dry out.  And the plants love it.

So get out an enjoy it.

But don’t forget your slicker and rubbers.


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