Three days prior, this area still had 4-6″ of snow on it.  Snow that had fallen on Christmas Eve.

But thanks to a couple of days of rain, then warming up into the 50’s (10-14C), the snow completely disappeared.

Out walking with Skinny, we stumbled across what looked to be a Scout campsite, complete with lean-to’s and other shelters.  Great stuff for an Ordeal.

Playing with the camera to get this image.  It’s a composite of 51 separate photos, all shot through my EF 200/2.8L, c0mbined to give the look of being shot by a larger medium-format camera.  Very shallow depth of field, silky out of focus background (and foreground if done right).

Doing the math and assuming a field of view approximating a 35mm lens, this would approximate an image shot with a 35/0.5.  But that’s just a wag.

The original composite in .jpg format is 8763×4945 pixels (18.6MP) and weighs in at 68.2MB.  A bit big to upload here.



8 thoughts on “Gateway”

  1. How’d you control focus across the composite? Was it on a tripod using a set manual focus and then you pan’d acorss a larger space to get images and then cropped later?

    Great image!

    1. Ray – almost spot on. No tripod was used, just manual panning. Manual everything – WB, aperature, speed. Lens wide open for shallow DoF.

      Lots of stitching programs out there, but I’ve been using Microsoft’s ICE. I like the price.

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