Grunting and Groaning

Sorry, nothing exciting here.

Just a chance to illustrate the joy that is commuting in winter on the German trail system.

Imagine pushing a 22lb bike (and a substantially heavier carcass) through 5-6″ of soft snow, with drifts of 10-12″.  And occasionally deep ruts from cross country skiers and walkers that grab the front wheel and launch it in random directions.  Just imagine.

Honestly, this is the nice stuff.

It’s the roads where they refuse to plow, but dump salt on top of the 4-6″ of snow, turning it into a slushy, chunky mess, that I can do without.

Regardless.  It’s beautiful.

And when I reach a section that launches me off the bike, I make sure to stop and absorb the surroundings.

And enjoy the peacefulness of an empty, dark forest.


6 thoughts on “Grunting and Groaning”

  1. very glad I don’t have to ride a bike through that… But I would venture out on my two feet… amd virtually, viewing it through the computer and your eye and camera, I stand amazed at the beauty… and gratefully sigh…

    1. Shimon – I understand. I certainly got a lot of looks from the walkers that day, since the snow was so deep. But I was able to cover a lot more distance and get more shots than if I had just walked. Plus, it’s what I do.

    1. Stan – it certainly is beautiful. Unfortunately, right now it’s dark both ways, since we only get ~8 hours between sunrise/sunset right now, all while I’m at work. So I had to go out Sunday afternoon to get this shot. Otherwise, it’s a tunnel of white lit by my headlights.

      Shortest distance, which I take when it’s deep snow like this, is 8.5 miles. Typical distance is 10.25 miles and can be much longer in the summer afternoons. The German trail system is great! I don’t deal with any cars at all until the last 1.5 miles of the morning commute and the first 1.5 miles of the evening commute. Otherwise, it’s just me this time of year. In the summer there are dozens of walkers and cyclists out.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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