It’s been a crazy week.  At least it’s over.

Just in time to roll into another crazy week.

Time to stay sane.

Either that or embrace the insanity.

Just like the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna, Austria.  Insanity is row after row of block house.  Even in Vienna, with its classic architectural facades dating back hundreds of years, can look the same street after street.  Thankfully architects and artists like Friedensreich Hundertwasser can break the insanity while creating functional apartment complexes.

And the beauty is that not only does the complex break with tradition, but he extends the concept into the surrounding streets, making the experience completely tactile.

We found out that he’s done some other apartment and business complexes pretty close to were we live.  We’ll definitely have to make the trip.

4 thoughts on “Hundertwasserhaus”

    1. Shimon – cobblestones are everywhere here. Makes for a very interesting walk, especially since they are uneven.

      But this place gave new meaning to uneven. You had to be careful walking, even in walking shoes.

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