May tell a story.

Or they may capture a moment.

Or they may do both.

Sometimes they stand on their own. 

Other times they build on each other.

Ceiling Lights


Two different views.

One just is.  It’s self-indulgent because I love lines.

The other presents several possible stories.

None linear.

Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Images”

  1. I think the first shot stands well on its own. Great detail in the wood and light fixtures, and I like the combination with the wine bottles.

    Second shot I would see more as a moment in time. Quiet and comfort. Not sure it needs a story – good as is.

    1. Cipher – Thank you! And thanks for stopping by.

      I guess the drive for a story on the second one was that as we sat there, we could watch the evening unfold and while we thought up a few different possibilities, we don’t know if any of them were true.

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