Winter’s Here

I know.  Obvious. 

Unless you’re living in Florida.

Here in Germany, it’s not the obvious clues, like three days in a row of snow on the ground or the opening of the Weinachtsmarkts

Too easy.

For the commute to/from work, it’s not the fact that both are in the dark (and have been for some time).

Too easy.

Nope, the official start of winter (forget all that meteorology) is when the studs get mounted.

Keep it clean.

Winter's Here Spring, summer, fall tires to the left, winter tires to the right.

Studded, knobby winter tires, still dirty from last winter.

And though they don’t look like it here, significantly larger.  Those are 700×30’s on the left, 700×38’s on the right.  Running 80 psi for the summer, 50-60 psi for the winter, except when the ice gets bad, then I’ll drop to 30 psi to get a wide footprint and more stable ride. 

All of that means more of a workout to/from work.  Especially when we start getting 2-4” of fluffy on the trails.

Speaking of Weinachtsmarkts, the local one (within walking distance) is open this weekend.  Toodles.


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