Sitting alone on a warm autumn day.  Wrapped up in a warm coat.  Hair perfect.

Wistful smile on her face.


Does the graffiti mirror her mood?

What’s the story?


6 thoughts on “Contemplation”

  1. No, I don’t think she was day dreaming about the graffiti.

    Maybe she thought of her long lost love that is in only alive in her thoughts. Or perhaps, she sat there contemplating how she would spend that crisp autumn day.

    What do you think?

    Regardless, she seemed content.

    1. Definitely content.

      Perhaps she was contemplating walking across the street to get that Wienerschnitzel that you had that was bigger than your head!

  2. I like the contrast, but the picture is problematic, mostly because we don’t see enough of the woman sitting on the bench, to get to know her even visually. She is far away, and the graffiti is close… but out of focus. I feel there is that potential, but that it doesn’t quite make it.

    1. Shimon,

      Thank you for that. I guess that’s the difference between seeing it in person and trying to convey the message. Clearly it didn’t translate.

      I do appreciate your honesty.

      Thanks! Bill

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