You Miss

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.  – Wayne Gretzky

I don’t carry my camera with me everywhere I go, so I’m constantly seeing shots that I’d love to snap.  But they’re stored in my mind.  Sometimes I go back and follow up on them.

Most times not.

But this one was an easy one to go back for.  It’s across the street from our place.  A view that I saw all summer long while walking out to the garage for the bike or to the car.  And with the colors changing and even lighting provided by the gray overcast, I knew I was ready to get a shot.


Technically flawed in many ways.  But I don’t care.  The crawling and spreading of the vines represent many things to me. The colors too.

Most importantly, it reminds me to take 100% of the shots.

Five days later, the owner of the house had this ivy cut down.


6 thoughts on “You Miss”

  1. Nice capture and good timing on going back to get it.

    Personally I like to leave the technicals to instructors and graphic artists.

    1. Thanks Rick.

      Depends on the subject matter. I can get quite concerned with the technicals. But other times, it’s all about feeling and intent. As someone told me long ago when I was fixated on very sharp lense, “sharp is not everything”. That idea has bled over into many other areas of my shooting.

  2. I agree that “sharp is not everything”, and usually the technical details are not important except to another photographer… and though I always have a camera in my back pack, I do allow some shots to go by… because as much as I love photography… there are so many aspects to life, all of them important. This was a very interesting and beautiful sight, and your success is worth celebrating.

    1. Shimon,

      Very true. I’m letting go of those details. It’s made shooting recently much more enjoyable. Not that it wasn’t ever non-enjoyable, but it’s even more so now.

      It is interesting how a camera can change the dynamic of a room or interaction. Sometimes it is better to just capture the scene in your mind.


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