(Not so) Frigid Fall

We’ve been enjoying an Altweibersommer (Indian Summer) here in Germany.  It’s been warm enough that both my morning and evening bicycle commutes this week have been in cycling shorts and short-sleeved jersey.

That alone makes me out of place amongst the Germans, who are still bundled up like it’s 20 below.

Because the calendar says it’s November.

But that will change tomorrow, when November comes back and I’ll have to at least cover my arms and legs for the ride.

But no matter how warm it is, the lighting has become decidedly cool.

Frigid Fall

Still testing the 28/1.8.


4 thoughts on “(Not so) Frigid Fall”

  1. I’m guessing that you’re one of those guys who doesn’t observe the “knee warmers below 50°F” adage. Enjoy your Altweibersommer; I fear ours is ending this weekend, too.

    1. Knee warmers below 50F isn’t a bad idea. Depends on the wind, rain, etc. Definitely below 45F.

      But I just find it funny here that just because the calendar says November, never mind the 65F temperature, folks are riding in full booties, tights, jackets, ear warmers and occasionally balaclava.


      I don’t wear that much until it’s below 20F.

    1. Shimon,

      It’s a lone leaf, well past its prime, fallen from its perch and caught in these branches.

      It was interesting, but I was testing the lens’ capabilities wide open during this round. I did some work later to see how it performed stopped down, which turned out well. And I just got back from a week in Vienna, where I abused it profusely during the evening hours. Can’t wait to see how it did.

      Take care, Bill

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