Coupling two of my loves, cycling and photography.  With my true love, Goddess.

Goddess and I headed out to the forest on a gorgeous autumn day, not only to enjoy the day, but so I could test out my new tool, a Canon EF 28/1.8.  I had received it about a week prior, but with work, I just hadn’t had a chance to test it out.

Testing is important with any new lens.  Especially this one, since reviews were a mixed bag.  Some had proclaimed it a great lens, others proclaimed it was useless.  Others said it was good once it was sent in to Canon and re-calibrated.  All of these reviews were from serious amateurs and professionals.

So I took several dozen test shots with the new lens.  And played with a few different photographic techniques.  The bikes were the subject of the new technique (btw, these were NOT shot with the 28/2.8, but with the 100/2.8).


Mine (his) is a daily commuter with close to 3,000 miles on it over over the past 15 months.  Goddess rides hers whenever she feels the desire.

And with a gazillion miles of dedicated bike trails here in Germany, how can one not feel the desire?


p.s. The verdict on the 28/1.8?  Great!  Not only with shots here in the forest, but at a Halloween party later that evening.




4 thoughts on “Rides”

    1. Shimon,

      That’s exactly why I bought it. I very much dislike using flash, no matter how dark it is. And with winter rapidly approaching here in Europe, there are so many events that are held in the dark that need to be photographed. It should suit my needs very well.

      It is great that they have so many trails. It allows me to ride my bike to/from work every day without worrying about traffic. Matter of fact, I could likely ride across the entire country without spending much time in any large town. Beautiful!


  1. These photos almost have a tilt-shift feel to them. I like it. And I love that the Jake still has knobby tires! He’s ready for cowbells and pomfrites and stroopwafels.

    1. Definitely knobbies, although not full knobbies. Those hold their corner quite well when I throw it around in the mud and soft dirt.

      But here in a few weeks I’ll have to put the studded Schwalbe’s back on.

      Now those will hold a line.

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