Making Lemonade

Taking advantage of a day off, we were in the car and on the road an hour before sunrise.  We were on a photo safari.

For the past year and a half, I’ve often driven a stretch of the Autobahn right after sunrise and looked at the little town of Bad Rappenau.  Tucked in the rolling hills, a light fog often forms there.

It’s just gorgeous at sunrise.

And today the conditions were perfect.  Just at freezing, humid and clear skies.  I had very specific shots in mind.

As expected, when we got there the fog was set up.

Too well.

Visibility, at best, was just a few dozen meters.  And the fog was deep enough that the overlooks were still in it.  But drive up onto a hill and it was clear.  But no clear view of the town.

I wanted a shot of the church steeple, the town blanketed in fog, the sun rising over the hills in a clear sky.

I love being able to visualize a shot before I get it.

But I couldn’t get it.  So we made lemonade.

The conditions were perfect for a good heavy frost, which is always fun.  We happened to drive past a Selb Scheiben patch, which is a stretch of farmer’s land where they plant rows of flowers.  On the honor system, a price is set for each type of flower and you cut your own (Selb Scheiben).  Count how many of which types you have, tally your bill and drop the money in the drum.  Then you decorate your house.

These things are all over Germany.

Luckily the field had a few flowers left.  Clearly past their prime, but still beautiful in their own way.

Especially frosted.

With a fallow field in the background and a weak sun trying to burn through the dense fog.

A beautiful way to spend an autumn morning.


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