Europe’s definitely full of interesting architecture.  From Byzantine to Romanesque to Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern.  Often in the same same town.

The image below is of Hohensalzburg Castle which overlooks Salzburg, Austria.  Not the typical shot of the castle, but one that I like most because it’s almost timeless and location-less.  Even at full size, the lady’s clothing can’t be pinned to a specific time.  Architecturally, the only thing that might tilt the location to any one region are the lamps.


Plus, it’s always nice when a European sky actually cooperates.  It seems as if it’s either completely clear (and lifeless) or it’s completely overcast (and lifeless).


2 thoughts on “Classic”

  1. beautiful photo, and you’re right… you’ve taken us out of the context. As always, a pleasure to see through your eyes.

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