Catching Up #643

Yeah, I use that title.  A lot.

Truth be told, if that were what I was going to do with this post, it would be a long one.  But unfortunately, that’s not to be the case.

I’ve got a few hundred photos on the desktop that need to be processed.  It’ll probably be winter before I get to them.  I’ve got thousands of words to write, but you just won’t see them here. 

Most importantly, I’ve got scant few hours to spend with Goddess, so that’s where I focus. 

I hope you understand.

So what’s been going on?

– A quick business trip back to the states.  That flip/flop jetlag really screwed me up for a long time.

– We drove to Stavelot, Belgium for the day just to watch the bloody remnants of Stage 2 of the Tour de France ride by (that’s most of the few hundred photos).

– We drove to western Germany to see Rock am Bach, a rock/metal/noise festival in the middle of a quaint German town.  That was a great show, with headliners Flogging Molly on Friday and Killswitch Engage on Saturday.  Great shows all around, although the lightning chased Goddess and I out of the crowd just a couple of songs into KsE.  Better to be safe than dead.  But the highlight for me was to get in the (mud) pit for Suicidal Tendencies, who I’ve been a huge fan of since High School days.  This was one of several times that I’ve watched them play live and it gets better every time.  Really.  This time ended with me (and a few hundred others) up on stage with the band, singing (OK, screaming) into the mic for the finale.  Afterwards, I got to shake hands with Mike Muir and thank him for 25 years of great music.  Then it was back into the mud.

– Working, working, working, including a nice down/back trip to Italy.  A few bottles of wine were rescued.

Formula One.  We live just a few minutes walk from the Hockenheim Ring.  This year was the year that F1 came to town (they alternate years with Nuremburg Ring).  I’ve wanted to see a race in person, but that’s certainly a sport for the rich.  Tickets for race day were €380 (~$490) each.  We could have got in cheaper for qualification rounds, but I was too busy elsewhere.  But the nice thing was the free entertainment.  Not only in the campgrounds (full of crazed, drunken F1 fans), but at the clubs, with free concerts to enjoy, including Hells Bells, a great AC/DC cover band – if you closed your eyes, they were the real deal.

– History of Heidelberg.  A great chance popped up this week.  A six day field study of the history of Heidelberg.  Six days covers an entire semester, so I took the week off from work.  Goddess sits right next to me in the classroom, then we go out on the field trips together.  What a great way to learn a bit about the local community (our neighbors swear that we now know more than they do, and that’s after the first day!), get a bit of college credit and spend the day with each other.  I’m busy taking notes most of the time (I’ve got four 3-page papers to spit out this week), but of course I drag the camera out.  Here’s one of the lesser-known local castles – The Tiefburg in Handschusheim, Germany, a small suburb of Heidelberg, on the north side of the Neckar River.

Luckily this was at the end of the day.  Goddess and I had spent the previous hours up on the hill of Heiligenberg, an ancient monastery dating back to Celtic times.  We were chased off the mountain by a thunderstorm.  As Goddess and I worked our way down the hill, we passed the Tiefburg with this beautiful light.  It’s almost surreal, looking as if I had had pasted the sky behind the castle ruins (that’s the Friedenskirche in the background).  Moments later the sky opened up again.

I trust that all is well with each of you.

But it’s time to get to writing…


2 thoughts on “Catching Up #643”

  1. I love this picture, and especially the was the sky frames the castle. I understand that there is only so much that one can include in a life, but I can’t help but say I would love to read those thousands of words you mention in this post. And there is a teaser too. You say, “you won’t see them here”, hinting that maybe one could see them elsewhere? Please tell me if this is true.

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