Bavarian Knee Buster

Just got back from a rough week in the Bavarian Alps.  Business calls, you know.  ;^)

Days full of meetings, nights full of discussion.  I know that all of the world’s problems were solved at least once, but I doubt anyone took notes.  Sorry world.

But one afternoon was set aside for a team-building hike.  Seven of us decided to make it a run.  Nothing long, just 5.5 miles.  Starting at 3,575’, dropping down to 2,000’.  And then back up.  Did I mention that this was in 5.5 miles?

Profile goodness:

Trail Berchtesgaden, Germany 3-30-2010, Elevation - Distance 2

That’s 2,029’ of total climbing.  Sorry guys, not the 2,400’ that the Garmin was telling us, but I warned you that the Garmin adds a bit.

And the driveway at the bottom of the steep climb?  Corrected grade of 45%.  That’s before it got steep.

Somebody please remind me – who’s idea was it to run this thing?

3 thoughts on “Bavarian Knee Buster”

    1. It was a good one. I’ll look forward to trying it again, next time for time. We took a relatively leisurely stroll through many sections, especially the flat-ish part at the bottom. There was even discussion of beer at the bottom, but we knew that we wouldn’t start back up. Plus, there was beer at the top. :^D

      Enjoy the holiday.

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