Yep, that’s what Fasching is.  A big partay.

And if you followed that link, you realize that Fasching is the German/Austrian version of Carnival, Carnivale or Mardi Gras.  It’s all the same.  Basically it’s a good excuse to let it all hang out before tightening the belts for Lent.

Wow, generalize much?

So we had a Fasching parade in Hockenheim on Saturday.  Convenient, since the parade route is only a few blocks from the house.  Convenient since the neighbor wanted to make sure we didn’t get cold by getting a shot (or two) of schnapps in our belly before we walked.

And it didn’t stop.

We made our way downtown, found a glühwein stand, then found our stretch of road to stake out.  Someone found another glühwein stand, then we walked down the block a bit, only to run into some folks that had a few cases of various beverages.

The parade hadn’t even started and I was already concerned about being able to take pictures throughout.

But it started soon after, so at least I could take pictures of the start.  The drum beat was hypnotic and the crowd started bouncing up and down both sides of the street.  Parade participants yelling “Ahoy” and the crowd returning the yell.  

No respect for the Polizi.

Candy and popcorn flying into the crowd.

No beads.

This was a family show.

Well, except for the forest goblin that humped my leg. But that’s a story for another day. 

(and yes, Goddess and I are certain that was a female under that mask.  I’d tell you how I know, but again, that’s a story for another day)

More bouncing as tractors pulling trailers with huge sound systems, blaring house and techno beats, rolled up the street, complete with pacifier-sucking, dancing zombies. 

(man I need to clean my sensor)

Followed by drum corps.  Followed by brass bands. 

Followed by local town queens.

And beverages.  Lots of beverages.  The group that we met up with was handing out shots and single-serving schnapps to the parade participants.  Hilarious to watch. 


I’m amazed to know that some of those folks made it to the end of the parade route.

But the best part was how everyone got into the spirit, from young, to older, to old.

  Yep, that’s a spectator-provided glass in hand.

Click on any of the images above.  They’ll take you to a slideshow of the procession.

So get out there and beat the rush, partay until Lent.

4 thoughts on “Partay”

    1. LOL. Next time, stick a (NSFW) tag next to that link. I clicked on it at work, saw the title across the top of the window, and closed it before it even loaded. Hilarious.

      We’ll put it on the calendar for next year.

  1. you’ve got some fine shots there, Haven’t looked for a while. Think sometimes I’m afraid of so much health (smile).

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