Nope, not these types of studs:

Yes, they are studs.  Just ask them.

But these types of studs:

Studs Those are Schwalbe Snow Studs (700x38C’s).

They’ve been sitting in my garage for close to three months, waiting for winter to get here.  Finally it has arrived, with a bit of flurry today and dropping temps tonight.  The rest of the week looks to be colder, with highs in the low 30’s (F) and lows in the mid- to low-teens (F).

So that means that the ground, soaking from weeks of rain, is going to freeze.  Which will make for some interesting commutes to/from work.


(and yes, I did wash the bike after this pic was taken.)

3 thoughts on “Studs”

    1. I was wondering about them when I watched that video. Curious to know what the rules are.

      The best part about swapping them out was that I realized why my stopping power was getting down to not much. I always figured it was the grit and grime on the rims. Well, it was that. And the almost non-existent pads. 8^O

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