Wet Spinnin’

I finally got off my butt and scouted out the trails through the woods behind our town.

It is 9.1 miles door-to-door, according to my trusty Garmin.  The first five miles are lush forest, followed by 2.5 miles of farm land.  Only the last 1.5 miles is through town, which is no big deal since the speed limit is 30kph (18.3 mph).  And unlike the states, drivers here actually look out for bicyclists.

But it was pouring rain the whole way.  With some mud on the trails.  Luckily the dirt portions are hard-pack, otherwise my tri-bike would have a bit of an issue.

Methinks there may be a single-speed cyclocross bike in my future instead of a car.

I’ve just got to convince Goddess.


5 thoughts on “Wet Spinnin’”

  1. Glad you are getting settled in and enjoying going native. So this is a military assignment? You’ll be there for a couple of years?

    My life will forever be in Clarksville, I’m afraid (except when the marathon bug takes me on short trips). I’m a little envious of your adventure. But, I don’t think I have it in me anyway. 🙂

  2. Oh… that’s what I miss most about Deutschland! I think that it’s standard for it to be raining while scouting trails. That’s what it did for me! Glad you have some good routes over there! Drink a few beers for me.

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