Pure craziness.

That’s how this week has been.

After last Saturday night’s 20-mile RUTS, we headed back to the room.  The next day we were planning on running a local 5K; seriously, who can pass up a 5K put on by the local brew house?  Well, we did.  Too much going on.  A quick visit and farewell with some friends, then back to the room to finish packing.

Monday was quite hectic, with picking up the rental beast (Suburban), loading it up, then heading to work to finalize some things.  Then the drive towards Atlanta.  We had no plans on making it all the way to Atlanta, but as we got to where we planned on spending the night, we realized that we had just about an hour more of light traffic ahead of us, instead of 90+ minutes of morning traffic headed in to the city.  

Tuesday was the big day.  Thanks to some poor timing with turning the rental beast in at the airport, we had eight hours to spend in the airport before takeoff.  But we had a good time, sitting back and watching everyone walk by and gaze into Skinny’s travel kennel.  He made lots of friends.  One the airline counter opened a few hours before takeoff, we made sure Skinny was fed, walked and evacuated before we checked in.  It was nerve-wracking turning him over to the airline, but he seemed to be taking it in stride.

The flight on Lufthansa was fairly nice.  It was a bit interesting, being only two days after the loss of the Air France flight, there were some nervous folks.  Especially when we hit some turbulence over New York.  But none were worse for wear. 

We got to Frankfurt, anxious to see how Skinny did.  He came out on the conveyer belt and didn’t look any different than he did any other day.  After about 12 hours in the box, he was happy to get out and walk around, which was the only way we were going to get him out of the baggage check area.  There’s just no way that Goddess and I could pick up the crate with him in it.

The rest of Wednesday we fought to stay awake as long as we could.  That happened to be 8pm, which is about 90 minutes before sunset here.  We were good with that, but not good with being wide awake at midnight.  Luckily the convenience store was open, so we could go pick up some local beer and relax in the room until we fell back asleep at 3am.

The next few days have been taking care of some work stuff, getting to meet folks, fighting jet lag and just adjusting.  It sure is a beautiful country.

Goddess is truly a goddess.  Just a few days before we left the states, I was asked if we wanted to attend a formal ball on Saturday, just three days after we arrived.  Of course, the invitation came just a few days after her gowns and shoes were packed.  Being the trooper that she is, she agreed.  So she was scooped up by a couple of the spouses here on Friday and spent the day shopping for a dress and shoes.  Luckily she has that option here, unlike Japan where all of the women were a size –5.  They did a fine, fine job and she looked absolutely gorgeous (much like she does every day).

Sorry, no pictures.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

This coming week will be good.  We’ll finally get to look for a house (some bureaucratic red tape got in the way this week), get our licenses (more red tape) and decide where to live.  There are plenty of beautiful villages around to pick from.

Wish us luck.


4 thoughts on “Craziness”

  1. Good to hear you’ve made it over in one piece. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more as you move in, etc.. Moving overseas is something I’ve been looking at (and given the option to do).

  2. It’s all a bit stressful right now Bill but hey, it’s the beginning of a great new adventure that the two of you will cherish forever. Sure beats rotting away in ‘burbs.

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