Yep, I said it

"Nicely Screwed" by nataliej

I was just reminded of something I said a few weeks ago.

It was an observation.  But like many of the observations I make, I somehow end up with my foot in my mouth.

Much like Steve, the poor sap in the cereal commercial who mentions to his wife that she must be trying to lose weight because of the low-calorie cereal she was eating.

I was hosed from the start.

Goddess and I were out clothes shopping for her.  To give you an idea what an event this is, I typically have to drag her into a clothes store to even just browse.  To actually get her to buy something is quite an accomplishment.

So she found some shirts that she liked, so I was looking through the racks for similar shirts that she may like.  She had mentioned that the shirts seemed to be running  a bit larger than the labeled size.  That was my trap.

I tied the ever-expanding waist line of America into the observation.

With this gem –

“Looks like they’re making the medium’s larger to make the fat people feel better about themselves”.

Any guesses on who was holding a medium shirt?


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