Driving Tempo

It was rough to get out the door today.  For some reason the stomach was feeling off early on.  Then Goddess made a game of making it difficult.  She’s good like that.

But I was on a tight schedule for the day and had to get it done. 

The run.

Not Goddess.

That’s later.

It’s warm today, in the low 60’s.  Too warm for my liking, especially with today’s workout, which was a long warmup followed by three miles at 10K pace plus for the tempo.  Besides the temperature, the wind certainly wasn’t going to help.  When I headed out the door, it was in my face at 20mph, gusting to 35mph.  I took no time at all to warm up, since it was everything I could do to get to and maintain a 9-minute pace.

Then it was into the trees, where the wind was completely blocked and I was quickly on my way to overheating.  But it was a nice stretch of road.  And after the first three miles were done, it was time to get to business.

I planned on using the wind to my advantage and heading north, with the wind to my back.  But for the first mile I was still in the trees, so I had to get back out into the open.  And the only way to get into the open was to get out of the holler that I was in (yep, I said holler, although we aren’t between mountains).  Here’s the profile:

Running  KY 3-31-2009, Elevation - DistanceNeedless to say, the heart rate was appropriately through the roof at when I hit the 4-mile mark, so I had to throttle back a bit once the terrain flattened out.  Then it was time to cruise with the wind to my back.  The breathing was steady and the sweat was flying.  Everywhere.  I was constantly having to squeegee the sweat out of what little hair I have just to keep it out of my eyes.

At about 5.75 miles, I was impressed that I was flinging sweat behind me, against the wind, so far that it was making it down to splatter the backs of my legs.  Then I realized that it wasn’t me.  It was raining.

I’m good with that.

So the tempo ended at six miles, as planned.  It coincided with a turn that now gave me a 30mph crosswind.  And 1/4 mile down the road, another turn made it a 30mph headwind for the last mile home.

And that’s when it really started pouring.  My forward motion, coupled with the wind, made for a driving, driving rain.  It felt like I was getting shot everywhere with BB’s.  But I was smiling. I LOVE IT!!!

I probably looked something like this guy:

Rain Runner by Sam Javanrouh

Except I wasn’t wearing pants (shorts, silly) and I do not run with headphones.  And I was grinning.

BTW, that pic was taken by someone who’s photos I enjoy daily.  If you’d like, browse over to Daily Dose of Imagery and have a look at life in Toronto, Canada.  Some beautiful shots there.

Hopefully your run, or other chosen activity today, was just as enjoyable.


4 thoughts on “Driving Tempo”

  1. 30MPH cross-wind? That’s just nasty.

    The photo is interesting – I like it. Also interesting how it appears he bumped up the contrast a bit – at least in the area of the headphones, they are so crisp.

  2. Thanks for the sage advice on my blog. You are a much smarter marathoner-in-training than I am. I wish I’d read about your 20-miler before mine today! Where did you do your hilly 20 in Clarksville?

    I have a love/hate relationship with running in the rain. After two rainy runs in one week (last week), I’m over it. Great job on meeting your goal in the tempo run with high winds and rain!

  3. I love running in the rain, probably because I don’t get the opportunity very often. Today, it started sprinkling, and I started singing “Love Reign O’er me”. Thank goodness no one else was out to hear me.

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