Sof Sole Adapt Footbeds – Review #2

This is an update of my original review here.

That review was written after the first 100 miles of running.  I now have 338 miles on them, spread over 60 runs since January 1, 2009, including my very wet, very muddy 60K just 11 days ago.

The verdict?  Awesome!

They don’t look much different than they did at 100 miles, which was only slightly different from brand new.  The difference?  There’s slight fraying along the outer edge of the upper layer of fabric.  But it’s nothing that I’d get concerned about.  It’s just a function of my shoes. 

I rotate among at least three pair of running shoes so I’m never running in the same pair of shoes for back-to-back runs.  There are several reasons for this.  Mainly, the shoes last longer.  I retire my shoes with just 300 miles on them, so I’d be buying a new pair of running shoes every 6-7 weeks if I had only one pair.  Also, by letting them rest between runs, the cushioning in the sole has a chance to regain its form (and function).  Also, since I’m such a heavy sweater and have absolutely no issues with running in the pouring rain, it gives the shoes to dry naturally.

So I have 3-4 pair of shoes and only one pair of Sof Sole Adapt Footbeds.  That means I’m sliding in/sliding out the foot beds at least once a day, oftentimes twice a day.  But that’s not a bad thing either, especially since it also gives the beds a chance to dry out between runs.  But that also explains the wear that I’m experiencing.

Physically, the changes that I noticed in the first review hold true.  I’ve pretty much quit needing my foam roller and Stick for my legs and my tennis/golf balls for my plantar fasciitis.  Absolutely no issues any longer with the ITB or PF.  And I’m stronger for it.  With the abuse I’ve put my legs through over the past three months, I’m pretty confident now in saying that the foot beds were a significant part of the change.

Would I buy a few more pair to keep in my shoes?  Absolutely.

In addition to the Adapt Footbeds, I was also given a pair of Sof Sole Athlete insoles and Sof Sole Stability insoles.  I’ve had the Athlete insoles in my work boots, which I wear five days a week.  They’ve held up very well and are very comfortable, even getting me comfortably through several long ruck marches with 35+ pounds on my back.  I have yet to try the Stability insoles, mainly because the ones that I have are geared toward those with a low arch and I have a pretty high arch.  They do make the Stability insoles for both medium and high arches.

I’ve also had a chance to try out their Lite performance socks.  These socks are thin and well constructed.  However, on my first run with them, which was just over six miles, I came back and found a hole in the bottom of my right sock.  It had worn through completely.  However, for me this isn’t an issue with the socks, since I’ve seen it with others as well.  The first time I ran in my beloved Injinji’s (which happened to be a marathon), they had a hole wear through them too.  This isn’t a fault of the socks, it’s a function of my shoes.  In both instances, I wore only the thin socks, instead of my standard thin sock liner (Injinji) inside a pair of cushioned Thorlo’s.  In other words, I have plenty of room in my shoe.

So in both cases, wearing just the thin sock allowed my foot to move around much more than normal, which would lead to increased wear and eventually holes.  Having said that, I think that their socks are quite comfortable and very well constructed. 

Lastly, they provided me a pair of Yaktrax.  Unfortunately, winters here in Kentucky/Tennessee are pretty mild.  We only had one day of measurable snow, so I tucked them in my pocket to try out while I was on a run.  But the snow was melting so quickly that there were few areas that I could strap them on and give them a try.  I would have ended up spending more time running on rocks, gravel and pavement than I would have on ice or snow.  I knew that would tear them up quickly and I wouldn’t be able to give them a fair shake.  But I keep them handy just in case we get another cold shot.

Bottom line?  I am convinced that Sof Sole makes quality products.  And no, I am not getting paid to say that.


One thought on “Sof Sole Adapt Footbeds – Review #2”

  1. Glad to hear you are having similar success with their products. I was able to review some of their products as well, after leaving a comment on your first post. While the Adapt insoles worked ok for me, the Athlete insoles helped the most in my training. Here’s hoping for continued success!

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