How Fun Was That?

Hella fun is what it was.  I was grinning from ear to ear almost the entire time.

Salty Eyes

Salty Eyes

LBL Buckle

Official Finisher’s Belt Buckle

LBL Feet

37.2 miles of mud (I changed socks at 24 miles)


(that’s 37.2 miles for you metrically challenged)


(that’s a 12:17/mile average)

Total Elevation Gain: 3017’

Race report to follow in the next few days…

10 thoughts on “How Fun Was That?”

  1. Hey Rex
    What do you think about Bill’s latest escapade? Still beating his body up. Just doesn’t know when to stop.
    Methinks he must be hitting the hydro. I would be saving all that energy for the beautiful Jennifer. LOL.

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