Wait a Minute

As just about every other organization, business and special-interest group in the country is getting a bailout (handout), this news slid in under the radar:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for treatment of service-related injuries with private insurance, but was told by lawmakers that it would be “dead on arrival” if sent to Congress.


So in the administration’s eyes, someone who is sent to war at the bidding of the President (and Congress) should have to pay for treatment of injuries received by privately purchased insurance?

But someone who makes $40 an hour mounting tires on a new car deserves a handout because they work for a company that creates crappy products?

What I can’t believe is that Shinseki, former Chief of Staff of the Army, is still holding his job after having had to pass on that tidbit of news.   As Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs, his responsibility is to advise the president, helping guide him towards good decisions and away from bad.  Apparently he forgot where he came from.

So someone like Staff Sgt. Luis Rosa-Valentin would have had to pay for his own treatment.  And if he didn’t have coverage, probably because his pay raises don’t match the rate that Congress automatically gets, he’d be SOL.

That’s a change alright.  But not one I can believe in.

Anyway, in just 33 hours we’ll be passing the first mile of many (depending on the distance entered) of the LBL Trail Run.  The legs are twitching and ready to go.  Hopefully the weather improves a bit.  We just got about an inch of snow, which will melt tomorrow.  Then another bout of rain tomorrow night, tapering off by start time.  That should make the trails a bit muddy, which is not what I want to deal with for 60K.


3 thoughts on “Wait a Minute”

  1. WTF is right…I’ll have to read up on this one.

    good luck with the 60K!! and in my mind, mud is softer than a hard road, which means my knees would be so much happier and the whole process a whole lot easier! as long as its not sloggy mud.


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