A Modest Proposal

On today’s New York Times front page is an excellent article on biking in NYC.  I think that it applies everywhere.

Because, as Pogo said:

Many of the issues that Robert Sullivan brings up are exactly the reasons that I quit riding with organized bike clubs many, many years ago, no matter where I am in the world.  I got sick and tired of watching the club pack ride straight through a 4-way stop as if the law didn’t apply to them, then having to deal with irate drivers while riding solo.  And while I applaud the overarching goal of Critical Mass, some cyclists use the events as an excuse to act like a bunch of hoodlums, thereby negating any positive effects their effort may have.

So ride like the wind and ride strong, but ride like your grandmother is watching.


2 thoughts on “A Modest Proposal”

  1. I guess I must be pretty square then because I always stop at intersections, never ride on the sidewalk, ride in the same direction as traffic and always signal. The latter being especially important during pace group riding. I suppose it’s better to be square than dead (although I am amazed that I actually said that out loud.)

  2. I agree 100%. It IS hard to sit through a red light when there isn’t anyone coming, and I’ve been just as guilty as anyone of not stopping at a stopsign simply because I didn’t want to clip out. But… the fact remains that if we want to be treated the same way vehicles are (Share the Road…), then we need to act the same way. I mean, how many times have you wanted to run the red light when you’re driving? But, you don’t – because you know it’s just stupidly dangerous.

    Unless it’s 5am and you’re on your way to teach Spinning – then all bets are off…

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