Photo by Maerten Prins
Photo by Maerten Prins

Well, every training cycle I have to push until I find my breaking point.

During my IM training in 2007, I found it a few times.  The volume differed each time.

In 2008, while training for my 40-mile birthday run, I found it in August, running about 50 miles per week while working 80-90 hours per week during my deployment to Iraq.

This year (so far) it’s running 60 miles per week, with a bout of the flu thrown in there for good measure.  Work hasn’t been particularly stressful or time-consuming, so it’s a minimal contributor.  And there hasn’t been any of the typical indicators of overreaching or overtraining.  The morning heart rate is steady at 46, no drastic fluctuations in weight, no loss of appetite, etc.  None of the classic signs.

It started yesterday afternoon, during my scheduled “short” run*.  It took everything I had to get 5.65 miles in that hour.  Nothing was sore, nothing hurt.  I just didn’t have any spring or any push to my step.  I mentioned to Goddess that I actually felt, and ran, like an old man.  But no worries, it happens from time to time.

A full night’s sleep last night and this morning brought a rousing game of Frisbee football for PT.  It’s not my favorite, but I do enjoy getting a good interval sprint workout out of it.  But it was the same as last night’s run.  There was no go.  Nothing.  I forced a few sprints for the disc, but it just wasn’t there.


So instead of squeezing in a couple of “short” runs and a final long run before my 60K race in two weeks, I’m starting my taper a bit early.  No sense in trying to force a few miles in, especially this close to race day.

Plus, it gives me time to enjoy a few other things – like watching “Dead Poets Society” right now, a bit of work on the old truck and, most importantly, time with Goddess.

* “short” run – It’s all perspective.  At this point in training, anything less than ten miles is a “short” run.  Anything over twenty miles is a long run.


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