Is it really suffering…

…when you enjoy every minute of it?


One thought on “Is it really suffering…”

  1. Hey, Bill. Are you in Clarksville? I just came across your blog as I was researching doing long runs as a double. I just read your CMM experience from last year. I ran the half last year and am training for the full. It will be my first full marathon. My 1st 20-miler falls on the same day as the Tom King half in Nashville, and I don’t want to run 13 and then have to run 7 more immediately. I hoped to either run the extra 7 the day before, later that afternoon, or the next day. (And I’m still doing another 20-miler on April 4.) Some of the folks in the Clarksville Running Club suggested I run 7 BEFORE the race starts, but that is just insane. I’m hoping to PR the half. Did you feel dividing up that run left you just as well prepared for the marathon as if you’d run 20 consecutive miles?

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