Wrap Up

Well, the miles are really cranking by.

As of yesterday, I have 231 miles for the year, consisting of 41 runs in the 45 days.  I do take one rest day per week, no matter what.  And that day is always Sunday.

The consistency is really starting to show the benefits.  Even after a very hilly 16-miler on Friday, I was still able to crank out a sub 60-minute 7.5-miler on a very hilly course on Saturday.  Today the legs are twitching, ready to run.  But they won’t get it.  It’s rest day.

I covered 54 miles this week.  I have not been in this territory for weekly running mileage since high school some 23-24 years ago.  Back then it was all about collecting miles.  Volume was king.  Nothing else mattered.  And I was doing a fine, fine job of driving myself to consistent over-training and serious injury.  How I didn’t I still don’t know.

But now it’s completely different.

I am really amazed at how well I’m able to handle it now.  I’m pretty confident that the periodization helps, not only during the yearly schedule, but weekly and daily.  Rest, not volume, is king.  Smart training leads to bigger gains.

Now I just need to hold it together the next couple of weeks as I push to 65 miles per week and then start my taper for next month’s 60K.

Off to Nashville again tonight for another concert.  This time with Son while Goddess holds down the fort.  That means it’s loud and likely to get out of control.

Whooo hooooo!!!

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