60 and 60

Have you ever been stopped dead in your tracks while running?

I mean seriously stopped dead.


Wednesday was rockin’ and rollin’ around here.  A strong cold front was pushing through and we got a few batches of strong winds.

The first was in the morning, with winds out of the south at 20-30 mph.  That worked out fine, since my run in to work is headed north.  So it was a wonderful tailwind.  No effort and still managed to knock out consistent 8:30 miles.  Which was a surprise, since the prior evening’s 10-miler really worked the legs over.

During the day we had a line of storms roll through.  The 55mph winds that accompanied it were interesting, blowing down quite a few trees that were damaged during the ice storm of two weeks ago.  But I was safe and snug in my office, watching out the window.  After the storms rolled through, the winds remained quite strong, slowing turning west at 25-35 mph.  At the rate they were turning westerly, I was thinking that I’d get a quartering tailwind for the run home.

That’s what I get for thinking.

Late afternoon, the winds remained west-southwest.  Quartering headwind for the run home.

And they picked up.

So I got a five mile resistance training session in, facing into a 45-60mph quartering headwind.  Good fun.  I just had to watch for trees and power lines.

At least it was 60 degrees.

And the invisible smack-down.  Mid-stride.  Going from moving forward to stopped dead,  just like that.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

Because it’s good to be alive.

Photo by Kelley Mari

(not me by any means, although that’s what it felt like.   Vroooooom)


One thought on “60 and 60”

  1. I got stopped dead once when I tripped over am 18″ high, 12″ square wooden bollard. Didn’t see it coming, ‘cos I had my fleece that I was trying to take off tangled around my head. Felt pretty stoopid after . . . and stoopider a few hours later when I was getting the concussion x-rayed. Won’t be making that mistake again. Probably.

    Running when there’s a 45-60mph wind in your face sounds pretty tough though, even by my accidental standards!

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