Well, that didn’t go as planned

Gorgeous day today.  Temps in the mid-60’s with gusty winds that kept it feeling cooler than that.

Today we were to take the greys to a meet and greet, which is where we introduce the greyhounds to the public and hopefully find a few folks interested in adopting them after their life on the track.

But the greys had other plans.

Plans that involved a trip to the vet.

That involved a general anesthesia.

Many, many stitches.

And picking up one drunk pooch.

All is well now.

Although it will be a while before the wounds heal.

And the hair grows back.

For the two guys, they’ve been getting along famously.  The only thing we can figure out is that one got very possessive of a stuffie (stuffed toy) or one of the bones lying about in the back yard.  The blood made it look worse than it really was, but the fact that greyhounds have very thin skin required the trip to the vet.  It’s not pretty when you look at a dog’s neck and can see the muscles directly.

It was hilarious picking Giddy up from the vet.  Poor guy was still drunk from the anesthesia.  Since he’s getting much more comfortable with us, he leans against our legs whenever we’re around.  So I had ahold of his leash while Goddess took care of the financials and Giddy leaned up against me.  Really leaned, as one does when they’re drunk.  The problem was that we were on a tile floor, so the poor guy couldn’t keep his rear leg under control; it kept sliding out from under him.  So he’d pull it in, then it’d slide right back out, which would make him lean more.  So he’d pull his leg in, then it’d slide out, making him lean more.

Back at home, all is well.  They’re lying around as if nothing’s happened.


3 thoughts on “Well, that didn’t go as planned”

  1. Ha! Would have made for a great little youtube video.

    Hopefully you’re able to get out today for a nice run or ride in the incredible weather – even warmer than yesterday…albeit with the wind.

  2. Our first dog was a retired greyhound racer. We got her when she was 5, and she didn’t live much longer. I was always shocked by the dog that would lay around all day long, only to take off like a bullet when we got to the dog park.

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