Freezing Shorts

Well, the ice storm may have thrown a wrench in the works.

Due to the significant damage to trees and power lines, they’ve closed all of Land Between the Lakes.  This doesn’t bode well, since that’s where my 60K is scheduled to be held mid-March.  I was planning on going out and riding the trail this weekend to get a good look at it.  But that won’t happen.

More importantly though, I hope that all the folks that live out that way are able to get things fixed before mid-March.

It’s been a crazy week.  Tuesday’s after work run was 19F with a wind chill of 0F.  Brrrrrr.  Today’s after work run was in shorts and was quite comfortable.  Highs in the 60s are forecast for the weekend.

And when word got out at work on Wednesday that I was running the night before (19F/wc 0F), I got quite a few questions about my sanity.  I felt like Calvin’s dad.


2 thoughts on “Freezing Shorts”

  1. Hi Bill!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving some notes. Always appreciate the thoughts from your end about random musings.

    Geez, I don’t think I could run under those adverse conditions. I wimp out when the temps start going below 40 degrees. We’re just glad out here in the Puget Sound that spring is around the corner with the return of some bird species.

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