And now for something…

…completely different.

I love art.  Especially things that people make by hand.  I have no skills in a shop, so I’m always impressed with things that people make, especially when done very well.  As is this wooden Vespa.  Click on the pic to see more.

Another that impresses me is Ezra, who showcases his hand-made bicycles (typically single-speeds) over at Fast Boy Cycles.

While you’re there, stop by his blog (warning: some words and images may be NSFW) and show Ezra some love.  The artist has been battling cancer for a while now, yet continues to craft gorgeous bikes as well as compose some wonderful photographs.

On our home front, lots of ice last night/this morning and more likely overnight, then snow.  Today’s run was bagged, since even getting to a treadmill would have been a hassle.  And running in 32F while it’s pouring rain and the ground is covered in ice was not my idea of a smart thing to do.  So instead I spent some quality time wrapped in a blanket with Goddess.


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