Giddy Up

Tomorrow, January 26th, is our greyhound Skinny’s “Gotcha Day”.  Although we recognize his birthday, his “gotcha day” is more important to all of us, since it’s the day that we adopted him.

He’s been a great addition to the family.

Yesterday we got a phone call out of the blue.  The Nashville chapter of the Greyhound Pets of America needed help with the latest batch of hounds rescued from the track.  They had one last pup staying in the kennel, finishing up his two-week veterinarian stay.  Of course we agreed.

So after a quick visit to REI to take advantage of their January clearance sale (lots of good cycling gear to be had), we headed over to pick him up.

We’re now foster parents.

Everyone, meet JJ Giddy Up, aka Giddy:


That’s Skinny in the cow PJ’s.  We don’t have any PJ’s for Giddy, so he’s nekkid.

He’s quite a change from Skinny.  When we got Skinny, he had been off the track for almost a year, had been vetted, fostered, adopted, returned, fostered and then finally to us.  That’s a lot of time to have been acclimated to houses, people and given some basic training.  Not so for Giddy, who other than the two week vet visit, is straight off the track.  The track where he met with modest success over his career of 49 races.

Giddy had never experienced a TV, a mirror or a ceiling fan.  Still full of energy, he’s been interesting to watch explore.  Skinny, on the other hand, lifts his head once in a while to see what the interloper is doing, but otherwise is quite nonchalant about the whole situation.

So Goddess and I (mostly Goddess) have been working to get him to understand basic commands (“Wait”, “No”, “Here”).  As they all are, greyhounds are very intelligent and he’s catching on quite quickly.  The one thing that he’s a bit slower to pick up on is that he thinks that he can assert himself over Skinny.  Again, Skinny’s pretty blasé about it all.  And we also make sure that Giddy understands where his place is in the pack.  He’ll get there pretty quick.

We’ve decided to foster since we’re curious about adopting a second grey.  That doesn’t mean that Giddy will be our second, although that’s an option.  Fostering helps us gauge how Skinny will do (he’s doing just fine so far), plus it’s our chance to help out.  Over the coming weekends Giddy will be made available to people interested in adopting a greyhound.  It’s our responsibility (and pleasure) to take care of him as well as train him during this transition from track to home.

And Skinny will have a friend tomorrow when we has his “Gotcha Day” Frosty Paws treat, which is made of yogurt, honey and other goodies.

Oh, and no one comment on my ugly-ass avocado green ’70s reject chair.  Someone gave it to us 7 or 8 years ago and it is soooooo comfortable.  Goddess has tried to cover it a couple of times, but it’s just not the same.  So the monstrosity sits in the living room, an eyesore to all who see it.  But it fits me perfectly and I lurve it.

Plus, it’s low enough to the ground that I can reach over right now and run my hand along Skinny’s side as he sleeps.


5 thoughts on “Giddy Up”

  1. Happy early gotcha day Skinny!!! 🙂
    As one Dog mom who’s had several gotcha days to celebrate over the years – there’s nothing better in the world than remembering that amazing day when your baby first joined your family!

    Have a wonderful one!!!

  2. Wow, very nice dogs. I wonder how I’d deal with a racing dog. Basically one that would look at me every day and say “Ha, I can kick your ass running!…soo…do you wanna take me for a walk now?”.

    Interested in seeing how the rest of the week goes.

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