Any chance…

…that they’ve got hand-me-down’s?

Photo ©: Shane Stokes/

Click on the pic for a gallery of shots from the Cervélo Test Team training camp.


5 thoughts on “Any chance…”

  1. Ok, here’s a thought. y’know Program Cars? I think bike manufacturers need to come up with Program bikes. Once, they have 100 miles or so, sell’um! I would be first in line!

  2. They probably don’t do hand-me-downs.

    So here’s the plan: I’ll run in, dressed as a chicken / front half of a pantomime horse / Mr Incredible / whatever, and cause a diversion. You use all your finely-honed military skills to sneak along behind the wall’s hard cover. As soon as the guy’s back’s turned & he’s looking at me, silently mouthing, “W T F”, you pop up from behind the wall and grab TWO of them. That’s one for me and one for you.


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