New Wheels

We’ve got a new addition to the stable.  New wheels.

Not mine, but Goddess’.

We’d been talking about getting her new wheels for a while.  For the past five years, she’s been riding a very heavy Raleigh hybrid that we bought her in Japan.  She’s enjoyed it, but found it to be too cumbersome for much more than tooling around town.

We’ve stopped by the local bike shops a few times to see what they had in stock.  Depending on the visit, either the bikes weren’t right or the salesman wasn’t.

Yesterday both came together.  A very good bike and an excellent salesman who really took the time to make sure things were right.  All said and done, we were in the shop for over two and a half hours.  We’ve bought brand new cars faster than that.

Once we spied what we liked, a 2009 Specialized Dolce Elite Triple, we talked to the salesman.  He said that she needed to be fitted, so I was quite curious to see what he did.  He grabbed the bike, took it over to the trainers and started installing it, saying we needed to see her sitting on it and riding it before we could decide on a size.  I told him that was a good thing, because if he said that she just needed to stand over the bike, we were walking.

Over the next couple of hours, we had developed quiet a rapport as he adjusted this, tweaked that, swapped bikes for a larger frame, tweaked some more, went back to the original frame, flipped stems and did whatever he could to make sure the fit was right.  It was quite a challenge, because at 5’2″, Goddess is pretty tiny, so we were right on the threshold of having to go with a 650c frame.  Not only did they not have any in stock, but I didn’t want to go that route anyway, since it can be troublesome finding tubes and tires for a 650c.

So here’s her new steed:


I was giving her a hard time, telling her that her bike was more advanced than my 2002 Softride.  Well, seven years of advances will do that.

Her bike has carbon fiber seat stays and fork.  Both have elastomer inserts called “Zertz”, which are purported to soften road vibration even more than the carbon fiber already does.  It’ll be interesting to see what Goddess thinks.

Once we got it home, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we got it for a fair bit less than the MSRP.  Plus, I cannot find any source, including Specialized’s web site, that shows the paint job that she got with all of the pink highlights.  So we had to go with the pink bottle cages, natch.

We’re looking forward to Goddess tearing up the roads.

Once it warms up.

But for now, she’s got the trainer set up and ready to go.

And that gives me time to work on pedals, etc., for her.


5 thoughts on “New Wheels”

  1. Good to hear that they spent the time to get it right. Bike shops seem to be a mixed bag on that sometimes. And the pink bottle holders? Classy…

    So…that begs the question – where’s your new ride? 😉

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