It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with work.  Lots of late nights hacking on stuff here at home to meet some tight deadlines.  But I just completed the last of the project and it’s time to exhale.

But the beauty is that the workload didn’t impact the running at all.  I’m close enough to work that I can run for my commute and get at least a 4.75 mile run in.  Longer if I get creative.

Wednesday we had a PT test.  Part of it is a 1.5 mile run.  I was curious to see where I was, considering I really didn’t run much during November and December.  A comfortable pace got me across the line in 10:15, so I’m right where I was last March for that test, but without the base period that I had last year.  Perhaps that’s a good indication of things to come.

Friday morning we did a 6-mile ruck march.  It was a beautiful morning for it, with temps in the mid-20’s.  Cool enough that the beads of sweat froze on caps.  The pace was nice and easy, averaging 15-minute miles.  But for grins, we pushed it a few times, taking advantage of the downhills and getting down to a 8:30-pace.  Nothing too fast, but when you’ve got 35+ pounds on your back, it takes on a whole new meaning.  A few minor blisters were the result, but nothing I couldn’t live without, especially after I got dry socks and a fresh pair of boots on the feet.

Saturday’s 7-miler was nice and relaxing.  We had a cold front push through during the morning, so the afternoon temps were a pleasant 37F, although the 20mph winds left a bit to be desired.  Especially when the last mile of my runs are facing north, right into the wind.  Brrrrr.  The only significant blister from Friday’s ruck march, which was on my left pinkie toe, broke during this run.  No big deal.

Today’s run was the longest of the week.  Scheduled for 90-minutes.  So depending on how I felt, it could be anywhere from 8-10 miles.  So I just went with the feel.  I had the odd heart rate issues that I saw last year, where I was just moving along at a comfortable pace for the opening miles but my heart rate jacked through the roof, pushing north of 180 bpm; Zone 5 for me starts at 157 bpm.  But I was never out of breath or feeling like I was pushing any effort.  But after a mile or so of this, the HR settled down into the mid-130’s, right where it should be.  No other odd issues like that the rest of the run.  Strong and comfortable the entire distance, hitting the 45-minute point at 5.1 miles.  I didn’t think about pushing it on the way back.  At least, not until the last mile.  Crossed the “finish line” at 1:27:56, so I negative split the 10.2 mile run.  Very nice.

Finally, eagle-eyed readers may notice a new page on the blog.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out the way I wanted to, but if you go there, you’ll find a link to a new blog that we just started. Over the past few weeks, Goddess and I have been dabbling in several different red wines.  We discussed keeping track of the ones that we’ve had so that we know what we’ve enjoyed (and those we haven’t).  She started writing them down in a book.  So during today’s long run, I had a brilliant idea – blog about it so we can access it from anywhere.  So when I pitched the idea to Goddess, she was enthusiastic.  Especially after she reminded me that she mentioned the same thing to me a couple of days ago.  Man, I’m brilliant!  So if you’re interested, stop by, have a look, ask questions and leave recommendations.

I hope this week is a good one for you!


3 thoughts on “Phewwww!!!!”

  1. So you could pace me for the 1.5 mil these days…I ran a 10:08 in December. Amazing what cycling can do for your running fitness. Fastest time I ran since soccer playing days at the Academy and haven’t run more than about 10 times in the last year. Oh to break 10 minutes again…

    Is the ruck run part of life for you or was that for fun?

  2. You’re wine reviews are making me hungry talking about cheese. Mmmm…cheese sounds good this time of morning.

    I’m with Don though – Running, cheese, wine…sounds like a deal!

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