The New Year is rolling along. There will be lots of changes in our lives in the coming year. Goddess and I look forward to them.

Over the holidays I finally pulled the trigger on a couple of races. I need an event to focus on in order to train with any consistency. Otherwise I’ll do a bit here and there, but nothing like I need to.

First off will be the Land Between The Lakes 60K Trail Run. You’ve gotta love how they downplay the distances of this event by calling it a “run”. It will be my first trail run, so I’m quite looking forward to it. Hopefully conditions are better than last year, when they had 8″ of fresh snow on the course.

The second will be a return to the Country Music Marathon. It was quite an interesting event for me last year, so I’d like to revisit and hopefully put down a significant PR for the distance. I figure a solid year of running with somewhere around 1,000 more miles in the legs between attempts should do me some good.

The advantage of both is that I can sleep in my own bed before and after the races.

After that, who knows. A month after the CMM, Goddess and I will be moving to Germany. I’d like to register now for the Berlin Marathon, but I really don’t know what my schedule is going to be like once I get there. So I’ll have to wait and see.

But it was definitely good to get registered for a couple of races. So I’m jumping back into it, putting down a comfortable 29 miles so far this year.

And it feels real good.


3 thoughts on “Beginnings”

  1. Land o’ Lakes 60 km race? It will be like running on butter! LOL. I mean LBTL! I can’t wait to see that race report Mr. Bill. Bring your snowshoes cause I heard there was snow on the course last year.

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