‘Tis the Season…

…for Bill to say “Bah Humbug”.

Yep, that’s right.

I don’t get the “holiday spirit”, at least the “spirit” that is perpetrated by the masses. I just don’t get it. For many reasons, most of which are better discussed over a beer.

As someone without faith, which takes a lot of faith in and of itself, I shake my head at the rampant commercialism of what should be a season of reflection , service and togetherness. Instead, it’s become more about someone crying on the local news that times are so hard that their six year old is going to suffer because they won’t get the laptop that they deserve. Or trampling a guy trying to make $5.50 an hour just so they could get to the half-price DVDs.

Anyway, my frustration with the season does cause a bit of disparity in the house. Goddess is very in touch with her faith, which I admire and support. And Goddess, with her long background of singing in choir, etc., really enjoys the music of the season. Me? Not so much.

But there are two songs of the season that I look forward to hearing. The first:

This one is all about textures and rhythm for me. Absolutely mesmerizing. Although I can do without the Garmin commercial every 20 minutes.

And the second has always been amazing to me. Bing really had a voice.

Those are the two. That’s really it, although I will watch Bing sing with David Bowie. Again, Bing’s got an amazing voice for these songs.

But one Christmas special has been announced that’s really got me excited:

Click the pic for details.

I. Cannot. Wait.

But until then, Goddess, Son and I will just have to enjoy the concert tomorrow night, headlined by Disturbed, with Taproot, Hollywood Undead and Egypt Central.

We are all looking forward to it.

So in case I don’t get around to it in the following weeks, I do wish each and every one of you a relaxing and safe holiday season, surrounded by those that mean the most to you.

Because isn’t that what it’s all about?

4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season…”

  1. I’m slightly perplexed by it all too. I have a phobia about the decorating the tree thing (though I don’t mind it once its done).

    The videos are nice though. But I’m not so sure about the, ehem, totally unscripted dialogue between Bing and Bowie.

    Speaking of whom . . . here’s a top game to play when in an elevator / on public transport, somewhat inebriated, and with friends in a similar condition: Speak like David Bowie. All the time. You get extra marks for sliding it a little towards Dick VanDyke, and double points for getting any part of ‘Laughing Gnome’ into the conversation.

  2. Wow…the Muppets special. I’m not sure what to think. But I think there could be some ‘special’ t-shirts in your future.

    Unfortunately…for me I have a Christmas Lights run at that time on Wednesday. 😉

    You’ll have to go it alone!

  3. Are the muppets not at their best when it’s Christmas? I still pop in my Muppets Christmas movie, and I first started watching that video almost 10 years later!

    Anyways, I saw your comment on DC Runner’s blog regarding a Sof Sole product review. I am the person who sent those products, and if you are interested, I’d be happy to send some your way for review on your blog, too. Implus Footcare, Sof Sole’s parent company, loves getting these kind of first-hand reviews on its products in order to evaluate its products. Just send me your shoe size and mailing address below.

    Happy Trails,

    email: yaktrax.experience@gmail.com

  4. This post is freaky close to our own thoughts.

    As a side note: when I was young, all we listened to was Bing. In fact, I cried when I could no longer play the album and had to buy the cd (years ago). I just miss the scratchy sound of the old LPs.

    Thanks for the memories…I LOVE the Bowie clip. I haven’t seen that in years! (I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube–for each classic clip, there’s 10 videos of someone jumping around in their pj’s playing air guitar.)

    sorry I haven’t stopped by in awhile!

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