Well, life’s mapping out the coming year.  It will be another year without triathlon.

About  a week after Son graduates, Goddess and I will pack up the house and move again.  This time we’re off to Germany for a few years (whoo hoo!).  That will take a huge chunk out of the summer, which negates any meaningful triathlon training/racing.

Over the past few weeks I’ve jealously watched everyone fleshing out their 2009 triathlon calendar.  No such planning for me.  Instead I’ll keep the run focus going.

So I’m sitting here this evening, enjoying a few very dark beers that are sliding down a bit easier than they should.  Goddess, fresh off a new 5K PR this morning (YAY Goddess!), is egging me on by reading through the Runner’s World’s 2009 Marathon Calendar and tossing out suggestions.  Very helpful suggestions, better described as schemes.  For example, Luxor (Egypt), the Great Wall, Belgium, Iceland, Athens and Switzerland.

Even a few in the states, while doable, would really throw a wrench in the moving works.  But of that list above, Switzerland may be doable. We’ll see.

So while she’s sitting over there giggling and throwing out locations, I’ve come up with a couple that I’ll consider in the coming days.  Once I decide for sure, I’ll post them to the left.

As of right now, I’m considering a 60K (37.2mi) trail run and two marathons, both of which will be held on adjacent weekends.  And the beauty is that all are a short enough drive from here that we could sleep in our own bed before and after.

So running it will be.  Now I’ve just got to make it through the year without any glute issues.

6 thoughts on “2009”

  1. Oh wow, never mind the glute issues, you’ll be in Europe! And near London – well yes I know Germany and England aren’t *that* close but still! 😀 You’ll be closer than Japan or the US. We should start planning that 09 calendar for some photo-meet-activities, too! 🙂

  2. Very cool! I’ve got an AF friend who just PCS’d over there back in September, a running friend. He’s looking a quite a few races and trying to get me to come over for a marathon. You could also look at some of the M-dot races there (both HIM and IM distance).

    And hey, you’re page is snowing!

  3. I got an email from Ironman Switzerland saying that they were going to open up online registration for a limited time for 2009 registrations. You could do that! Take my word for it, it has a great bike course!

  4. WOW! That is amazing news! I have been to Germany twice and LOVED it! And it is close to my favrite place on earth Salzburg!
    Happy Holidays Bill!
    Take Care,

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