I think this will leave a mark

Thanks to some glute issues that I could not resolve myself, I haven’t run since October 19th. Well, not entirely true. I tried to gut out a run on the 21st, but bagged it just a half-mile into it, knowing I could do some real damage if I continued.

So I worked the glute as well as I could during the last few weeks in Iraq. But no matter how much I rolled on a tennis ball, eyed the knob on my bed’s foot-board (how would you explain that one to a shocked roommate) and sat on desk corners, I just couldn’t get the bastard to release.

So within 36 hours of getting home, I was face-down on the masseuse’s table. She put all 120lbs into her elbow and dug away. I walked out of that session bruised heavily up and down my legs, which is what I asked for.

On Tuesday we went for an easy 3-mile run at work. No issues at all. Everything felt perfect, likely through a combination of rest and massage.

A follow-up massage on Thursday made sure that everything was good. I don’t think she needed to resort to her elbow once during that session, but she made sure no trigger point was left unturned.

The proof was in the pudding – a very comfortable, yet hilly 5-miles this evening at a very comfortable 8:53/mile pace. I’m confident that I will be able to truly make myself hurt Sunday morning.

I’m looking forward to it.


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