Winding Down

Well, the reason for the lack of races over the next six months is rapidly approaching.  And the reason for absolutely no triathlons this year.

In less than 48 hours, I step onto a plane and head off to Iraq for six months.

Goddess has her game face on.  Son’s being, well, Son.

But we aren’t complaining.  Six months will go by quick.  Especially compared to the neighbors, who, all being Army, are gone for fifteen months.  So we’re keeping it in perspective.

Besides, we’ve been apart longer than six months.  Goddess is a trooper – I was gone for the nine months leading up to the wedding.  While she was dealing with caterers, photographers, invitations and the like, I was sunning, surfing, fishing, snorkeling and partying on the beach in Western Australia.  I showed up four days before the wedding.

Why she took me, I don’t know.  ;0)

I’ll still be running while I’m there, figuring I’m building a hell of a running base for next year’s tri season.

Matter of fact, I’ll turn 40 while I’m there, so I’m going to do the run-focus of Roman’s B-Fit B-Day challenge, shooting for Gold and running 40 on my 40th.  I’ll have to start right after midnight and hopefully finish before mid-morning before it gets too hot.

I’ll post when I can (and when there’s something to post about).  Perhaps a few pictures too.

In the meantime, keep writing those race reports.

Take care,



11 thoughts on “Winding Down”

  1. Oh Wow Bill, I had no idea!
    All I can say is, thank you. Thank you for making this sacrafice for me and every other person in this wonderful country!
    Take Care of you!!!
    Much love,

  2. Couldn’t you just do some volunteer work in Toledo or something?
    Wishing you a safe journey Bill.

  3. If your able to, please drop me a line with what you will be doing over there. My thoughts will go with you and send me a APO/AFO for a care package. Or your wifes address if she is sending regular shipments.


  4. @Studio,
    Toledo? Methinks I’m safer in Baghdad! 😉

    Thank you for the well wishes.

    I’m really looking forward to your RR from IM Switzerland. Take lots of pics and enjoy the trip.

  5. @Comm’s,

    Thank you so much for the well-wishes.

    I do look forward to reading about your progess. Take things slow and listen to Mistress – she’s a smart woman that has your best interests in mind.

  6. Bill Take care…our neighbor just left two weeks ago.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your stories when you return! And to hear about that crazy b-fit birthday run. 🙂

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