Life, or something like it

Been a crazy week.

After last weekend’s long run and some other stuff, it was a week out on the east coast.  It was nice to run with the ocean breeze in my face as it warmed up through the week.  It’s taper time, so the runs were short (5-7 miles), but the pace was brisk.  Especially one evening when I was 3 miles from the hotel and realized that I had to get back to the room, shower and drive across town to meet folks for dinner – in 30 minutes.

I made it.

Midway through the week, Goddess got ahold of me.  Horrible news.  The husband of her bridesmaid, who just turned 31, didn’t wake up Wednesday morning, passing sometime overnight.  Apparently it was a congenital heart issue, although you’d never know it.  He was a healthy man.  Left behind a wife and two daughters, aged 5 and 3.  A bit of scrambling and we worked out travel arrangments for Goddess to get out to Colorado.

Unfortunately she landed less than two hours after the funeral.

But we got her out there.

A bit of shuffling to get Skinny a sitter for the weekend, since we had already made plans to be out of town.  So after dropping Goddess off at the airport, I drove Son and two of his friends north to Louisville.  We were off to see Gigantour, which we had been looking forward to since January.  The lineup was High on Fire (meh) Job For a Cowboy (meh), Children of Bodom (excellent), In Flames (good) and Megadeth (great).

I  didn’t enjoy it as much as I was hoping, mainly because I was worried about Goddess traveling (although she has traveled halfway across the world by herself), about her friend, her friend’s girls and the emotional trauma that I could only imagine that they were all going through (or about to in Goddess’ case).

But the show went on for six hours, which is about 30 minutes past the limit my ears (as well as Son and his friends) can take.  Even with earplugs.  Shame too, since that happened during Megadeth, who I’ve followed since the mid-80’s.  I was jazzed since this was the first time I’ve been able to catch them live.

And what was a first in the hundreds of concerts that I’ve been to over the past 25 years – the concert was paused for safety.  During Children of Bodom’s set, the crowd surged forward hard enough to break the barrier.  They cut the power to the stage and Bodom left for 30 minutes, giving the crew enough time to fix the barrier.  I was sitting up in the stands at that point so I had a pretty good view of everything.  Son was down in the crowd and immediately texted “WTF?”, so I talked him through it.

We got back to the hotel at 1230am.  Much to their chagrin, I woke them up at 700am.  Nothing like trying to wake three 16 year old’s up after only six hours of sleep.  But we had to get on the road so I could get back and spend the rest of the day writing a paper for school.


Marathon in 5.5 days.


6 thoughts on “Life, or something like it”

  1. Sorry to hear about Goddess’s friend. I hope she gets home safely.
    I read an article about safety in crowds…glad to hear that they took it seriously b/4 someone got hurt.
    What a weekend for your son…a concert and a paper…
    Take Care

  2. wow–I’m so sorry for the goddess and the family of her friend.

    On these weeks, when everything happens at once….somehow, it all manages to get done. I used to stress about, but I don’t anymore. I DID laugh at waking the 16 year olds up!

    Enjoy the marathon!

  3. You may want to give High On Fire another chance. They’re one of the few metal bands I could think of enjoying right now. Along the same vein, I’d recommend Mastodon, Baroness, and Torche. They’re the next logical evolution of the stoner-metal movement that was happening in the 90’s started by bands like Kyuss and Sleep…who in turn had more crossover influences that came from the 80’s hardcore they were listening to and infused into their music.

    If you ever get a chance to see The Raconteurs live, I highly recommend it. It’s what I did for the birthday weekend a few days ago and they tore my head off clean with their awesomeness. It’s probably the closest thing to seeing a late 60’s/early 70’s rock band jamming it Nuggets-style with amps in your face and with a relentless rhythm section.

    I hope everything’s better with the family situation.

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