Moments of Zen

Both Frazz and Caulfield hit this nail on the head.  I defrag using both methods.

Travel this week threw any semblance of a training regiment out the window.  Managed to miss our flight out by 5 minutes, thanks to an extremely full parking area that forced us to park somewhere in Minnesota in order to catch our flight in Nashville.  By the time we got into the hotel in SC, it was 1230am.  Typically I’d get up at 430am to run, but that wasn’t going to happen since I had to be in a meeting at 7am.

Worked all day, had dinner with friends that I hadn’t seen in many years, then it was off to bed before getting up early to head to the airport.  And the whole time I was glad I wasn’t flying American.

Sipping coffee this morning, looking out the window and wondering why there were barricades up along the road behind our house.  Then the bikes started flying by.  It was a youth triathlon, based out of the indoor pool down the block.  So Goddess and I got out there to cheer the little ones on.  Age groups were broken up into 6-7, 8-9, 10-11 and 12-13.

The 6-7 AG, especially the women, was the best.  Flying on a schweet pink Schwinn, complete with matching pink corduroys, pink down jacket (it was cool and windy) and pink helmet, the lanterne rouge of the event did it in style.  She’ll be rockin’ the course for years to come.  Watch out Amanda!

School work and a long run is all that’s in store for this weekend.  Well, that and washing and repacking, since I’ll be traveling again this week.  Meh.

6 thoughts on “Moments of Zen”

  1. Thanks for the advice! (sadly I’d already tried that) I love Frazz…he cracks me up.

    It is so great to see youth triathlons. For me it brings me back to why I do them and the simple childlike joy that swimming-biking-and running can bring. And the enthusiasm that kids do it with…awesome.

  2. I love it!

    I also love watching those kids triathlons. They are SO cute. They give it everything they have. How fun was that!

  3. I love when there are races outside on my street. Just a couple of running races – but it’s always great fun to watch (or run in) :).

    I think I’m going to post that cartoon on my cube wall…appropriate given my profession.

  4. Very few people run/ride past my house (although we do have the occasional equestrian).

    How cool to have a youth triathlon right outside your window!

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