Why not just put a target on your back?

Wouldn’t that be like wearing an OU jersey while biking through Texas?   You’d just be begging to get smashed.

Betcha if the moonwalking bear was wearing it, y’all would’ve spied it the first time around.  😉


Found in the latest Performance Bike catalog to grace my mailbox.

Why, oh why, do they tempt me so?

Not with those jerseys, but with all of the other goodies inside.

Kinda pointless, since I’m not getting many bike miles in this year.


6 thoughts on “Why not just put a target on your back?”

  1. Reminds me of this episode of Top Gear (a UK motoring magazine TV programme). The three presenters bought cheep cars in Florida, and drove them to New Orleans. They spent less than the price of hiring the cars, and the aim was to just give them away when they got there. There was some pretty stoopid (though entertaining) stuff along the way, and they were lucky not to get shot in Alabama, having caused some pretty serious offence . . . if you can find a youtube copy of the film, it’s worth a look in – either as a commentary on the US South, or British media types’ attitude to the USA.

  2. I’ll do you one better (worse?)…I have a Performance Bike retail store SO CLOSE to me I can go there over lunch. OVER LUNCH. Which has proven to be a disaster for that slush fund!

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